Abeka Curriculum

   The Abeka Book Company curriculum is the core of study in the La Salle-Peru Christian School. This traditional curriculum provides excellent textbooks and teaching guides to insure a quality education. The materials are attractive and colorful. The books contain the principles of morality, patriotism, and honesty consistent with the school's philosophy. This curriculum was developed in conjunction with one of the oldest Christian schools in America, Pensacola Christian School in Pensacola, Florida.​​

A Ministry of First Baptist Church

2019 marks the school's 41st year of quality Christian education. This year, we offer a a strong academic program for four-year-old kindergarten students through junior high school. Our approach to education is traditional using proven teaching and learning techniques. 

Our school continues to provide a quality education. Our teachers maintain a safe environment for students while applying excellent classroom management skills. We have a small student/teacher ratio which gives our students more of one-on-one help.

In our combined kindergarten/first grade classroom, our students are taught the fundamentals of phonics, numbers, colors, science, history, math, spelling, reading, and writing. Bible is also taught and in every subject, respect for God as well as those in authority is stressed.

In our second through eighth grade classroom, we use the online streaming services from Pensacola Christian Academy. The live streaming has been a tremendous blessing and help to our students. The teachers at PCA are all highly qualified in their fields. Most of our students have excelled in the Iowa Testing Assessment.

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